Five Wise Guys: Ep. 8: Season Finale — Great Performances

As actors, the Wise Guys read from work that address issues of life in The Third Act.  Bob reads the role of the Dutch orchestra maestro Mengelburg from Danny Klein’s play, Mengelburg and Mahler; Sam performs a speech from I’m Not Rappaport , by Herb Gardner; and Matt reads a poem by Buff Whitman-Bradley called “Third Cousins,” that speaks […]

Renowned Documentarian to film the making of Five Wise Guys

Award-winning documentarian, Ralph Arlyck (Sean; Following Sean; Current Events, Godzilla Meets Mona Lisa and more), wants to document how episodes of Five Wise Guys are produced. Arlyck is an old friend and colleague of Danny Klein, the most irreverent and, by self-admission, inappropriate, of the wise guys. When Danny told Ralph about the Third Act […]